What Does it All Mean?



Ken Kesey used to say that “transcending the bullshit” of American society was what the Merry Pranksters were all about and I’ve always envisioned this site aspiring to accomplish the same thing. Because it’s impossible to separate music from politics, activism, and social commentary in 2020, the “Other Drugs” portion of the title is necessary to cover whatever else might be discussed here.

People often say that your perspective on life softens once you have children, but the birth of my son in 2015 only intensified my desire to hold American pop culture to a higher standard. If the mainstream media was no longer going to provide my son and younger generations in general with respectable music journalism, I had to take it upon myself to do so.

If you’re looking for verbiage that is essentially an extension of the corporate trough, you’ve come to the wrong place.