2018: Another Year in the Trenches


The second half of 2018 has been one of the most exciting yet demoralizing six-month stretches of my life. You may be wondering how such a dichotomy could exist, but, rather than make your holiday season more tumultuous, I’ll spare you the personal details and just say that nothing has gone according to plan.

But isn’t that how life goes? Aren’t we all at the mercy of forces beyond our control and understanding?

I’m reminded of Neil Peart’s line from “Roll the Bones” every time something else gets added to the list, because, instead of searching for some divine purpose, I’ve resigned myself to saying that it happens because it happens. It’s not the rosiest of outlooks, but it’s where I’m at nonetheless.

The only thing that has kept me afloat besides family in 2018 has been this web site. I didn’t realize how badly I missed writing until I threw myself back into the grind and started from scratch, so the effect that everyone’s support has had on me can’t be overstated. I feel as if I’m writing better than ever and my excitement hasn’t been this elevated since my early days as a journalist. While I did cover some of the biggest shows and artists of my career this year, my insatiable desire to push boundaries and reach a wider audience promises to make 2019 my best yet.

But first, here’s my recap of the past 12 months…

Top Shows: Lindsey Buckingham at The Riviera Theatre, Johnny Marr at Town Ballroom, Judas Priest/Deep Purple at Darien Lake Amphitheatre, Jackson Browne at Seneca Allegany Casino, Andy Frasco and the U.N. at Cobblestone Live!, Manchester Orchestra at Kerfuffle, The Trews/Arrested Development at Canalside, and Generation Axe at The Rapids Theatre

Interviews Conducted: Sophie B. Hawkins, Martin Barre, Sarah Borges, Robert Berry, Steven Wilson, Mark Farner, Walter Howard IV, and Willie Nile

Favorite Shots:


Priest 23





Purple 6




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