Finding My Way: My Favorite Interviews of the 2010s


Interviewing, in essence, is all about trust.

The interviewer trusts that the person they’re talking to is invested in giving a response worthy of their time, and, in turn, the interviewee trusts that the writer isn’t going to manipulate said response to suit their own agenda.

For me, I have no agenda other than delivering pieces that cause both the artist and the audience to think critically about the topic at-hand. I’m not interested in scandal, selfies, or anything resembling salacious clickbait. I’m also not interested in being cozy with bands or showing off how many famous people I’ve met on social media. I’m simply dedicated to the work for the sake of doing it, because mainstream pop culture journalism just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

That said, I’ve gone back through my archives and dug out a dozen subjects that I consider to be my favorites for reasons both personal and professional. I hope that you enjoy reading them again as much I did.

Chuck D (2010) – This is the one that really got the ball rolling for me. I only had a year as a music journalist under my belt and Chuck decided to give me an opportunity.

Chuck D is still mad as hell (2010)

Jon Anderson (2011) – Jon is one of the most gracious artists I’ve ever spoken with and his willingness to discuss anything was greatly appreciated.

Gathering ’round “The Living Tree” with Jon Anderson (2011)

Glenn Hughes (2011) – One of my favorite singers in the history of recorded music.

Glenn Hughes’ love for the music still burns (2011)

Rik Emmett (2012) – As a Canadian music aficionado, this one was huge.

Rik Emmett looks back on a life of triumphs (2012)

Wayne Coyne (2013) – I couldn’t believe that it happened then and still can’t now.

Wayne Coyne discusses ‘The Terror’ that is The Flaming Lips (2013)

Ian Thornley (2013) – What I said about Rik Emmett also applies here.

Ian Thornley discusses the return of Big Wreck (2013)

Ian Anderson (2014) – The fact that another living legend agreed to speak with an unknown writer from WNY still amazes me.

Don’t Call Him Jethro: An Interview with Ian Anderson (2014)

Scott Stapp (2014 and 2016) – Regardless of your opinion of him or the band that he fronted, I think that these pieces really allowed his humanity to shine through.

Scott Stapp wants to see your proof of life (2014)

Scott Stapp is back and plays Buffalo Iron Works on Jan. 26 (2016)

Sophie B. Hawkins (2018) – This was my first interview after a two-year hiatus from writing and it couldn’t have been with a more underrated yet passionate artist.

Sophie B. Hawkins talks music and motherhood ahead of Niagara Falls show

Steven Wilson (2018) – They say that interviewing your idols can be a bad thing, but this was everything but.

Steven Wilson continues to push boundaries ‘to the bone’

Steve Hackett (2019) – My inner music nerd was tweaking.

Inside the wizarding world of Steve Hackett

Bruce Cockburn (2019) – What I said about Rik Emmett and Ian Thornley applies yet again.

“Saint” Bruce comes to Babeville: A Conversation with Bruce Cockburn










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