The Quarantine Collection Part II


Last month, I shared a list of pop culture items that I felt could make your time in isolation a little less maddening. Not much has changed since then, so I’ve decided to offer another one to hopefully carry you through until the government decides what the next step is.


Movies –

“Videodrome” – David Cronenberg’s 1983 television satire was ahead of its time then and remains one of his finest works.

“Match Point” – Regardless of how tarnished Woody Allen’s personal reputation has become, this 2005 psychological deconstruction of the British upper crust is a late-career gem.

“Uncut Gems” – I first saw this back in early December, but watching it again made me appreciate Adam Sandler’s performance that much more.

Albums –

Fiona Apple – “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” – Best thing I’ve heard yet in 2020.

Pearl Jam – “Gigaton” – I know plenty of people who dislike everything after the first three albums, but Vedder’s urgency on this one really grabbed me.

The Flying Burrito Brothers –  “The Gilded Palace of Sin” – I rediscovered this one while doing research for an article and it proves that The Eagles cashed in on a lot of what Gram Parsons had already done.

Books – 

Liz Phair – “Horror Stories” – An unconventional memoir from a woman whose contribution to the ’90s alternative scene doesn’t get talked about enough.

Machiavelli – “The Prince” – A perfect encapsulation of what living in America feels like in 2020.

Jim Ross – “Under the Black Hat” – I ordered my copy last week and can’t wait to dive in.

TV – 

“Dark Side of the Ring” – Even if you’re not a fan of professional wrestling, the creators of this docuseries tackle each story with such unflinching humanity that you’ll be thinking about it well after it’s over.

Any of George Carlin’s HBO specials – They’re all on Amazon Prime Video and each one is a gift that keeps on giving.

“The Last Dance” – Michael Jordan is my favorite athlete of all time and this project actually made me want to watch ESPN again.








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